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Job Year: 2016

  Item   Description   Client   Period

  1   Contract T16S033
Hong Kong International Airport
Partitioning works at Unit 4MC450 in Midfield Concourse
  Airport Authority Hong Kong   Dec 16 - Apr 17
  2   XRL Contract 810A - West Kowloon Terminus Station North
Installation of Panel and Supply and Installation
of Cable and Containment Connection System
  Leighton-Gammon Joint Venture   Nov 16 - Current
  3   MTRC1109 Shatin to Central Link
Sung Wong Toi and To Kwa Wan Station and Tunnel
Miscellaneous Metal Works
  Samsung-Hsin Chong Joint Venture   Nov 16 - Current
  4   Installation of Mosaic Tiles Wall at Stairwell of Admiralty Station
  MTR Corporation Limited   Nov 16 - May 17
  5   Jetty of Castle Peak Power Station
ICCP Dismantle, Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  CLP Power Hong Kong Limited   Oct 16 - Current
  6   HKDLSSP-2460
Facade Rehabilitation Works
  Theme Park in Hong Kong   Sept 16 - Current
  7   HKDLSSP-2418
Tarzan's Treehouse Rehabilitation Works at Adventureland
  Theme Park in Hong Kong   Sept 16 - Jan 17
  8   14104 AOS Revitalization
Inspection and Temporary Energization of
Existing ICCP System at AOS Cross Head
  New World Construction Company Limited   Aug 16 - Current
  9   HKDLSSP-2435
Back of House
Underground Utilities Repair Works
  Theme Park in Hong Kong   Aug 16 - Feb 17
  10   Contract No. Q045790 (A)
Term Contract for General Building Repair Works
for Island Line Managed Properties
  MTR Corporation Limited   Aug 16 - Current
  11   Contract C5524-16C
Modification of EVA adjacent to KWF Ancillary
Building along AEL, ISL, KTL, TCL, TKL and TWL
  MTR Corporation Limited   Jul 16 - Nov 16
  12   K2044 - Modification of Wagon OLW3532 for
Replacement of Trackside Advertising Panel
  MTR Corporation Limited   Jun 16 - Dec 16
  13   HKDLSSP-2376
It's Small World Exterior Rehabilitation Works
  Theme Park in Hong Kong   May 16 - Dec 16
  14   HKDLSSP2394
Storybook Shoppe Exterior Rehab and Merlin's
Treasures Exterior Rehab
  Theme Park in Hong Kong   May 16 - Current
  15   Contract 1123 - Exhibition Station and Western Approach Tunnel
Construction of Temporary Bus Shelter
  Leighton-China State Joint Venture   Apr 16 - Current
  16   HIT-20811P
Supply and Installation of Galvanic Anodes and
Denso Tape Protection at Terminal 4
  Hong Kong International Terminals Limited   Mar 16 - Dec 16
  17   Contract No. Q042124
Shop Repartitioning Works at 1/F and 2/F East Wing, Paradise Mall
  MTR Corporation Limited   Feb 16 - Current


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