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Job Year: 2015

  Item   Description   Client   Period

  1   Design, Renovation and Construction of C & ED Offices and
Examination Halls and Alteration and Addition (A&A) Work at 1/F, 3/F
& 4/F Warehouse in Main Terminal Building of Hactl, Super Terminal
  Sun Base   Nov 15 - Feb 16
  2   Luk Yeung Sun Chuen Tsuen Wan
Upgrading works to Facades at entrances of Luk Yeung Galleria
  MTR Corporation Limited   Nov 15 - May 16
  3   C6195 - Install Main Air Pipe for
Kawasaki Engineering Wagon in URL
  MTR Corporation Limited   Oct 15 - Jun 17
  4   Improvement works of Unsignalized Pedestrian Crossing
at Lung Mun Stop (K1703-15C)
  MTR Corporation Limited   Sept 15 - Feb 16
  5   MTR Stations
Supply and Install battery recycle bin in DUAT & WELM
  MTR Corporation Limited   Aug 15 - Oct 15
  6   Contract No. PD/WC/177
Development of Hong Kong Science Park Phase 3
New DG Store Building Annex to Building 15W
  Hong Kong Science and Technology Park   Jul 15 - May 16
  7   Siu Wan Depot
Renovation and upgrading of AC Workshop
  MTR Corporation Limited   Jun 15 - Mar 16
  8   Main Contract Works for HVRC Infield Carpark at
Happy Valley Racecourse of the Hong Kong Jockey Club
  Hong Kong Jockey Club   Jun 15 - Nov 15
  9   Hong Kong Disneyland
Waterproofing Works
  Hong Kong International Theme Park   Jun 15 - Jul 15
  10   East Rail Line
Enhancement of Steel Bar Trackside Fencing
  MTR Corporation Limited   May 15 - Dec 15
  11   Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel
Facade Rehabilitation
  Hong Kong International Theme Park   Apr 15 - Nov 15
  12   Eastern Harbour Crossing
Repair, Enhancement and Testing Works for Cathodic Protection System
of OHVD Slab and IMT Unit 15
  New Hong Kong Tunnel Co., Ltd   Apr 15 - Oct 15
  13   Contract C5115-13C
Noise Mitigation Works at Tung Chung
Design, Supply and Install Electrical Works in EWL/NSL
  Chun Wo Construction & Engineering Co.   Apr 15 - Jun 15
  14   Hong Kong Disneyland and Hollywood Hotel Driveway Safety Enhancement Works   Hong Kong International Theme Park   Mar 15 - Oct 15
  15   North Point Pigging Station Demolition of Existing North Point Pigging Station   The Hong Kong and China Gas Company Limited   Mar 15 - Aug 15
  16   HIT Terminal Supply and Install Galvanic Anodes and Denso Tape Protection System   Hong Kong International Terminals Limited   Mar 15 - Sept 15
  17   K1570 - High Pressure Water Gun
Supply and Install high pressure water gun system at both
driving cabins for Grinder Db
  MTR Corporation Limited   Feb 15 - Oct 15
  18   HIT Terminal Remedial Works for Damaged CP System at Terminal 4   Hong Kong International Terminals Limited   Feb 15 - Sept 15
  19   Hong Kong Disneyland Facade Rehabilitation for Back of House Buildings 602, 604 and 613   Hong Kong International Theme Park   Feb 15 - Current
  20   Pacific Place Subway Maintenance of Corrosion Monitoring System   Swire Properties   Jan 15 - Current
  21   Provision of labour and materials for reflooring works and repainting of road markings at Loading Bays of Popcorn 2   MTR Corporation Limited   Jan 15 - Oct 15
  22   Contract No. Q036336 3-Years Term Contract for General Building Repair and Shop Repartitioning Works for Elements   MTR Corporation Limited   Jan 15 - Current


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