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Job Year: 2014

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  1   Open Yard and G/F Shop, Tung Lung Court, No.1 Julia Avenue, Kowloon Reinstatement Works, Removal of Open Yard UBW & MCB Board   Ocean Wheel Investment Ltd.   Dec 14 - Feb 15
  2   K0758 Improvement works for Water Supply System at Tai Wai Depot   MTR Corporation Limited   Nov 14 - May 15
  3   K1163-13C Construction of Shelters for Bus Passengers at various location near Tin Sau Stop (TSA)   MTR Corporation Limited   Nov 14 - Oct 15
  4   Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A
Construction of Sewage Conveyance System from Aberdeen to SYP
Construction of Core Store at Tsing Yi
  Leighton - LNS Joint Venture   Oct 14 - Apr 15
  5   K0851-14C Replacement of Metallic Chequer Plate for 750V DCCB along Light Rail Line   MTR Corporation Limited   Sept 14 - Jan 15
  6   Central Pier 8 Supply and install T & C of Controller, Indicator and Test Point for ICCP System   Electrical and Mechanical Services Department   Sept 14 - Oct 14
  7   Contract No. CV/2012/09
Liantang / Heung Yuen Wai Boundary Control Point
Site Formation and Infrastructure Works
Design, Supply & Instal Cathodic Protection System to Water Pipes
  Chun Wo Construction & Engineering co., Ltd   Aug 14 - Jun 17
  8   New World Centre Remodelling
Design, Supply. Install, Testing and Monitoring of the
Corrosion Monitoring System for the Sea Deck Structures
  New World Construction Company Limited   Aug 14 - May 15
  9   Contract No. HY/2012/17 - Tuen Mun Chep Lap Kok Link Southern Connection Viaduct Section Temporary Transformer Room at WA5 Provision of ESS at Viaduct B and Viaduct C   Gammon Construction Limited   Jun 14 - Current
  10   Contract No. 1/WSD/13 Improvement of Fresh Water Supply to Cheung Chau   China Road & Bridge Corporation   Jun 14 - Current
  11   HY/2011/08 Central - Wan Chai Bypass Tunnel Building Systems, Fittings and Works Associated with Tunnel Commissioning   Leighton Joint Venture   Jun 14 - Oct 14
  12   HIT Terminal 4 Supply and Install Galvanic Anodes and Denso Tape Protection System   Hong Kong International Terminal Limited   Apr 14 - Dec 14
  13   DSD Contract No. DE/2013/03 Term Contract for Inspection, Repair, Overhaul and Testing of Electrical and Mechanical Installations at Various Sewage Treatment Works and Pumping Station in the New Territories 2013-2016 Design, Supply & Install Cathodic Protection System of the Submarine Effluent Pipe   Proto Engineering Co., Ltd   April 14 - Current
  14   West Island Line - Contract WIL 704 SYP & HKU Stations and SYP to KET Tunnels Hard Landscaping - Steelworks and Architectural Metalworks   Gammon Nishimatsu WIL Joint Venture   Feb 14 - Current
  15   West Island Line - Contract WIL 704 SYP & HKU Stations and SYP to KET Tunnels Hard Landscaping for SYP Entrance A1/A2   Gammon Nishimatsu WIL Joint Venture   Feb 14 - Current
  16   Eastern Harbour Crossing Repair & Enhancement Works for CP System of IMT Unit 15 and OHVD Slab   New Hong Kong Tunnel Co Ltd.   Feb 14 - Jul 14
  17   SCL 1108 - Kai Tak Station & Associated Tunnels Enabling Works for Cathodic Protection   Kaden - Chun Wo Joint Venture   Feb 14 - Current
  18   Hong Kong Disneyland Treehouse Interim Rehabilitation Project   Hong Kong International Theme Park   Feb 14 - Current


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