About us

Tong Kee Engineering Limited (TKEL) is a privately owned Hong Kong company incorporated in 1994. TKEL established Tong Kee Shenzhen as its representative office in Shenzhen, PRC in 2016, which is principally engaged in the business liaisons for and on behalf of TKEL.


TKEL is a multi-disciplinary contractor offering its services largely to the construction industry and a listed contractor by Hong Kong Buildings Department as a Registered General Building Contractor (RGBC) and Registered Specialist Contractor in Demolition Works (RSC (D)).  In addition, TKEL is certified by Hong Kong Electrical and Mechanical Services Department as a Registered Electrical Contractor.  Our major clients include but not limited to Terminals Companies, Petroleum Companies, Tunnel Companies, Utilities Companies, Government Departments, Large Corporations, Engineering Consultant Services Companies and Main Contractors.



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